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Exclusive Strains That Redefine the Craft Cannabis Experience

Evermore Creations are exclusive cannabis varieties meticulously bred and rigorously trialed in-house. Merging the heritage of classic strains with the innovation of modern cultivation, each Creation is a unique offering, bringing new names and rich histories from the foundational landraces to the pioneering spirit of West Coast genetics.

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Cherry Dumplingz

Cherry Dumplingz is a spectacle for the senses, boasting deep purple foliage kissed with fuchsia, courtesy of its Cherry Pie Breath and House Z lineage. This in-house marvel wraps dense flower in bright orange threads, making it as alluring to the eye as it is to the palate. Its rich, funky aroma leads you into a mellow escape, perfect for savoring the well-rounded effects Evermore is known for.

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Orange Drizzle

Indulge in the citrus serenade of Orange Drizzle, an aromatic fusion of Mimosa and Wedding Cake. Wake up your senses with a bouquet of fresh citrus blossoms, & let the robust, earthy notes of the Cake lineage ground your experience. High-potency and crafted to ease, it’s your go-to for soothing relief wrapped in a zesty package.

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Orange Grove

Step into our Orange Grove, where we’ve captured the essence of ripe citrus trees in each bud. This house-bred sensation combines Castaway’s resin prowess with the juicy allure of Mimosa, delivering a tangy flavor that lingers. It’s a bright, bold journey for those who savor a vibrant, flavor-packed session.

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Peach Zeason

Peach Zeason is a symphony of tropical and floral notes, a unique concoction of Guawi and our house Z. While its top terpenes hint at peachy sweetness, the real treat is the burst of complex floral notes that greet you upon opening. Experience a euphoric, mind-energizing wave that carries you through the day.

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Pink Lemonade

Cool down with Pink Lemonade, where the zest of lemon meets a spicy kick. Selected for its vigorous growth and rich Durban and Tangie aroma, this strain is a sunny day in a bud. It’s a refreshing pick-me-up, ideal for kicking back and inhaling the sweet, tangy essence of summer.

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San Fernando Peel

San Fernando Peel, affectionately known as “Pinky,” is a modern homage to the beloved SFV OG. Infused with Forbidden Fruit and Mimosa, it’s a tangy twist on the classic, delivering lemon-fuel vibes with an OG finish. Let the lively Limonene tingle your senses, and the earthy undertones anchor your relaxation.

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Sour Peel

Sour Peel is our tart handshake between East Coast Sour Diesel and Forbidden Mimosa. It’s a citrusy-sweet delight with a diesel punch that resonates long after the exhale. Embrace the uplifting effects that sharpen your focus as if basking in the bright tang of grapefruit drenched in gasoline.

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Strawberry Cookies

Strawberry Cookies serve up dessert with a side of sass. While the pie-crust sweetness tempts you, the sharp terpinolene kick makes a lasting impression. Consumers report a relaxed mind and body. It’s the go-to for a chill evening that anchors the spirits.

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Thai-ger King

Embark on an exotic journey with Thai-ger King, a sativa blend rich in sweet herbal and earthy notes. Its dense green buds, dressed in greasy trichomes, herald a friendly energy boost that’s a testament to its Thai and African roots. Get ready for a cerebral expedition that’s both refreshing and harmonious.

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Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset is a dessert-like dream that packs a euphoric punch. Born from Purple Punch and Sunset Sherbet, it’s a velvety indulgence with grape and tropical fruit undertones that echo long after the last puff. Perfect for a high that uplifts and inspires, it turns every session into a blissful escape.

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