About Us

A passion for perfection and a deep-rooted commitment to our community lies at the heart of Evermore Cannabis Company. We don’t just cultivate cannabis; we craft experiences that resonate with the spirit of Maryland and beyond. Our pledge to quality and community engagement shapes our journey as we strive to meet and exceed the gold standard in every leaf and flower.

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The Community at Our Core

Evermore is where craftsmanship meets compassion. Our hands nurture not just our plants but also the relationships within Maryland’s communities. Engagement goes beyond business—we bring together people, events, and causes that reflect our shared values and commitment to growth.

The Pioneers Behind Our Progress

The Evermore leadership team is the beating heart of our operation, pulsating with talent and passion. Their strategic direction ensures that we envision a future of premium cannabis and bring it to life.

Craig Schulman,
Chairman & CEO

Morey Zuskin, Principal &
Retail General Officer

Eric Radz, Principal &
Chief Operating Officer

Sam Brown,
Chief Financial Officer

Jared Surdin, Senior Vice
President of Operations

Will Reckner, Vice President
of Processing & Extractions

Meet Our Leadership

Austin Weiskittel,
Director of Cultivation

Evan Damareck,
Director of Revenue

Emily Franklin,
Inventory Manager

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Our Cultivation Legacy

Evermore has a stellar lineup of classic cultivars and exotic landrace genetics. From iconic California strains like OG Kush to unique varieties from Thailand, Malawi, Guatemala, and Pakistan, we highlight the rich tapestry of cannabis history. Our breeding program focuses on creating exceptional quality, emphasizing robust terpene profiles and potent cannabinoids.

Evermore’s innovative breeding projects have produced renowned strains like Orange Grove, Thai-Ger King, and more. Our cultivators select the best phenotypes, ensuring only the top-performing genetics make their way to your experience. Every strain is a testament to our focus on the future, blending traditional methods with cutting-edge science.

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Rooted in Community, Reaching for Excellence

Community and craftsmanship converge at Evermore. We’re not just fostering plants but nurturing bonds within our neighborhoods. Investing in our local areas and beyond makes tangible impacts, reflecting our ethos of excellence in products and communal ties.