Step Into Pre-Rolled Excellence

Embrace the ease and excellence of Evermore’s pre-rolls, your shortcut to a premium cannabis experience. With pre-rolls spanning our Selections, Foundations, and Creations lines and our newest brand, Happy J’s, we offer something excellent for every Maryland consumer. Enjoy our meticulously crafted pre-rolls, where quality, convenience, and cannabis culture meet.

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A Happy J for Every Day

Introducing Happy J’s, the latest Evermore Cannabis Company brand. Crafted with the same commitment to quality as our renowned flower, Happy J’s pre-rolled joints promise a unique, full-flavored experience.

Available in both 2-pack and 7-pack options, these joints feature rare strains usually reserved for our finest concentrates, offering a distinctive taste and unparalleled smoking pleasure. Inspired by the iconic ‘Happy Days,’ Happy J’s brings nostalgia and sophistication. Perfect for on-the-go or unwinding at home, Happy J’s are your daily companion for consistent quality and convenience.

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Evermore's Signature Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Evermore has you covered with a diverse selection of pre-rolled joints, leveraging our finest Selections, Foundations, and Creations strains. Each pre-roll is crafted for perfection, providing a seamless path to experience our range of cannabis profiles. Whether you’re drawn to the classic allure of our Foundations, the innovative spirit of Creations, or the curated excellence of Selections, our pre-rolls elevate your moments effortlessly. Indulge in the convenience of premium Maryland-grown cannabis, rolled and ready whenever you are.

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