Explore the Art of Extraction with Evermore

Purity, potency, and unmatched flavor in every extract.

We merge tradition with innovation to craft concentrates unmatched in the Maryland market. Our selection, created by leveraging years of extraction expertise and the latest processing technologies, offers a pure, potent, and diverse range of options. From the depth of live resins to the artistry of our exclusive blends, every product is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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Live Resin Cake Badders

Our Live Resin Cake Badders are where texture and flavor meet. We whip this concentrate to a consistency rivaling the best cake badder for superior flavor retention and texture and an unparalleled consumption experience. It’s not just a treat for the palate; it’s an ode to the plant’s essence, crafted for the true connoisseur.

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Evermore Blends

Innovation meets artistry with Evermore Blends. Our lab virtuosos create these specialty concentrates by harmonizing two or more strains, balancing flavors, and enhancing effects to offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Each blend is an exclusive masterpiece, delivering unique notes and sensations that elevate your cannabis journey to the realm of the extraordinary.

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Live Resin Sugar

The crystalline structure of our Live Resin Sugar is as exquisite as it is pure. Often a byproduct of our most flavorful varietals, it resembles sugar crystals but is far sweeter to your senses. Easy to handle and perfect for precise dosing with a dab tool, it’s the choice for enthusiasts who savor the subtleties of a truly refined concentrate.

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Cold Cured Hash Rosin

Cold Cured Hash Rosin is the pinnacle of solventless purity. Starting with fresh-frozen flower to lock in all the natural flavors and compounds, our lab experts employ ice, water, motion, and pressure to extract the plant’s essence. The result? A clean, potent product that’s cold-cured to perfect the texture and quality. It’s the connoisseur’s choice, from production to your palate, kept cold to preserve the utmost integrity and enjoyment.
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