Experience the Ultimate in Vape Craftsmanship

Smooth hits, bold flavors, and extraordinary experiences in every vape.

Looking for a quick, discreet path to premium cannabis enjoyment? Look no further. Evermore’s vapes set new standards for purity and quality, offering a sleek and straightforward experience. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every inhale, from the selective ingredients to the meticulous crafting of each disposable and rechargeable vape battery.

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Innovative Vape Technology

Evermore harnesses the cutting-edge iKrusher technology in our SLYDES to bring you the pinnacle of vaping convenience. These rechargeable, disposable vape pens stand out for their longevity and consistent performance.

With SLYDES, you get a dependable device that’s ready when you are, making each session a seamless experience. The rechargeable feature ensures you enjoy every drop of our premium oil, while the disposable aspect speaks to the convenience of grab-and-go consumption.

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Full Gram Distillate Slydes

Our Full Gram Distillate SLYDES encapsulates the very best of Evermore in a compact, rechargeable pen. Each pen is filled with a distillate that soars beyond purity and cleanliness standards, ensuring every draw is as good as the last. Choose from a variety of flavors that satisfy with each smooth, potent hit.

Half Gram Live Resin Slydes

Discover the art of small-batch excellence with our half-gram Live Resin SLYDES. Each is a carefully curated piece of craftsmanship, offering the perfect companion to those who appreciate the finer details and deeper flavors of cannabis concentrates.

Half Gram Live Rosin Slydes

Experience our industry-leading cold cure hash rosin in a new, convenient form. Our half-gram Live Rosin SLYDES are filled with unique rosin blends that provide an exceptional experience. Whether you're out and about or relaxing at home, our Live Rosin SLYDES offers a high-quality session every time.

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510 Threaded Ceramic Vape Carts

Our 510 Threaded Ceramic Vape Carts are a selection of excellence. Crafted with premium distillate that exceeds purity and cleanliness standards, these carts come in classic strains like Santa Cruz Blue Dream, Gelato, Super Lemon Haze, and more.

In addition, our small batch live resin carts are a rare treat produced in limited runs to offer you the essence of our finest live resin in a classic 510 cart format.Stay in the loop with the latest from Evermore.

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