Our Commitment to Community and Sustainability

Growing together, growing responsibly.

Evermore Cannabis Company nurtures wellness through our premium cannabis products while uplifting the communities we call home. Rooted in integrity and innovation, we’re on a mission to bring the purest cannabis experiences to Baltimore and beyond, fostering holistic wellness and social empowerment.

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Vision and Mission Aligned with Action

Our vision guides us to be Maryland’s beacon of high-quality cannabis without compromise. We craft our products carefully and without shortcuts or additives. We’re more than growers—we’re builders of local careers, enhancers of lives, and promoters of community enrichment. Through sustainable practices and tireless dedication to education, we empower a journey of wellness that aligns with our deepest business values.

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The Pillars of Our CSR

Quality, innovation, community engagement, environmental sustainability, and customer satisfaction are the pillars of Evermore’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Chosen to fortify the foundation of our business, they drive us to excel in cannabis cultivation, strengthen our community bonds, endorse diversity, and uphold the environment.

Initiatives that Make a Difference

Our initiatives, like our annual volunteer day, sponsorships of local sports teams, and support for community events, embody our commitment to Maryland. Goals like enhancing community well-being and elevating cannabis education showcase our dedication to growing and thriving together.

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The Impact We've Cultivated

From sponsoring the Cannabis Science Conference to supporting the Connor Sheffield Foundation, we’ve made strides in cannabis education and regulatory improvement. The upliftment of community well-being, brand perception, and employee fulfillment measures our success.

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Forging a Future of Responsibility

Our roadmap includes more community outreach and amplified sustainability efforts in the short term, while the horizon commits us to creating lasting social impacts and extending our core values far beyond local boundaries.

Adapting and Innovating Our CSR Journey

We listen, learn, and adapt, continually seeking relevant initiatives that resonate with our team and community. This ensures that our CSR efforts are as dynamic as the communities we serve.

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Empowering Employees to Lead the Change

Evermore champions employee-driven CSR, from volunteer opportunities to company-matched donations. We believe in the power of collective action and shared vision to create lasting change.

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Collaborations That Strengthen Our Community

Partnerships are pivotal to our CSR approach. Joining local businesses, we celebrate Pride, enliven farmers’ markets, and co-create with coffee shops and breweries, fostering a network of shared progress and innovation.

Be Part of the Evermore Impact

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